[geocentrism] Re: Moving Earth deception

  • From: Robert Bennett <robert.bennett@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 14:35:33 -0400

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Yes, the beam is subject to the eastbound aether #2 when < GSD and the west
bound aether between GSD and the Moon.
Until we know the exact variation of the aether (the PD graph)  we can't say
what the net effect will be . The aether near the Earth  is stronger than
near the Moon, but the light travels through more of the westbound aether.
I await the bud-nipping answer.

  I agree in principle. However, i think you are going to find at the end of
the day that the aether effects on EMR are slightly different then on mass
that is to say the amount of deflection/ force will not match exactly....
[Robert Bennett] OK - we can deal with that.
   Dr Hanson also proposed this and i asked him about it based on the
necessity of a light trajectory change due to parallax if you assume the
earth at the exact center with no wobble in the universe to account for the
seasons.......I think you are going to have to incorporated more data then
just the PD diagram to extrapolate the aether bending effects on EMR(light)
[Robert Bennett] OK - no problem.
   I might also suggest using the effects of "gravitational lenseing" (
although it would not caused by gravity but by gravities medium) effect
might be a lousy source for hard data but perhaps a good ball park or
indicator for the amount of EMR deflection due to travailing though a medium
of varying currents. The problem you will ultimately encounter is that in
order to know the exact amount oyou going to need to know the source and
every current of every CB it passes though and to know that you will need
the motions of every one of those CB?s..
[Robert Bennett] I think the Earth-moon system is all we need to study
   I think you might be able to use the famous 1911( did i get the date
right?) Solar eclipse data ..? There you would have a known source and a
known Body and the motions of the two...This should give you the amount of
EMR defection due to passing through the Aether medium of differing
currents. In any case EMR may not be affected in the same way or to the same
degree that mass is...energy and mass or two entirely different states
within the aether ..
[Robert Bennett]  Yes, whatever props of aether are found, they must explain
the Allais & Pioneer anomalies and all the other 'funny' gravity effects.

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