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I'm really sorry to hear your daughter is ill and in the hospital. Is she a 
child or adult daughter? Not that it matters, really; a mother worries about an 
ill daughter no matter ow old the child. I hope she improves soon.

I'll see if I can find the book in one of my libraries. Who is the author, and, 
even better, what is the ISBN number, in case there are different editions. And 
what do you want to know? What page each chapter begins on and what the chapter 
tile is?

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> OK thanks for
> trying
> I'll just have to be
> patient and wait until I get 
> the help then.
> It's iffie when we see
> people and right now with 
> our daughter being so sick, it is even more
> iffie.
> Because things may have to
> come up at a literally a 
> moment's notice. As far as we know, she  is still
> in the  hospital 
> which makes family schedules  haywire.
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>   Bummer, Everlasting Love isn't one I can look
> inside at Amazon. 
>   Sorry.
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