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Oh bless your heart (((Cindy))) I'm probably gonna stop volunteering.
Not because of anyone or anything here, but I'm just not succeeding.
I'm just not getting it. I've set everything I
can tried to follow instructions for fixing things just right.
I've even left things alone for fear of messing up a good scan even more.
I'm just not making it with a wonderful scan that y'all enjoy proofing.
There is always something wrong and I feel that is not fair to y'all who work so hard to make good books. It would be less stress on y'all and certainly on me so it's best that I just go back to reading what y'all put up. I gave it my best shot, I tried to enjoy it and I truly tried to add books to the library that y'all would enjoy. But it really didn't happen as it should have, because I never got to y'all a wonderful scan that somebody wrote back to me a and said yea Gwen this required very little work and was an easy proof. I've never had an easy proof for y'all yet and I am sorely disappointed within myself, I'm sorry I wish I could have done better wish I could have done better but it ain't happenin as they say. So it's truly time for Gwen to hang it up and let y'all get to some good books and good books to proof for a change. Thanks for putting up with me for as long as you did, I'm not sure I would have been so patient. Y'all rock!

Bless your hearts tight hugs to all and thanks for a job well done!
Happy scanning, and happy proofing. I'll look forward to what y'all send up.

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Gwen submit them with a hold for Cindy--maybe you'd better make that grandma Cindy since I think there is another Cindy. I won't get to them for a while, because I have at least 2 to finish first, and a third I should do, and a fourth I said I'd do, but it is nice to vary what one is reading. Assuming I can get the print books, I'll proof them for you.

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From: gwen tweedy <gstweedy@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [bksvol-discuss] some questions
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Is  there a place on
line, where you can find
out things for a book like the contents of books that kind
of thing
I  know you can wait
until you see a sighted
person and that is cool but wondered if there is such
a  place where you
can find out things the little things without sighted
Also Bob thought he heard
once, like if it is a
text book or an important book where things have to be
precise but on fiction
books if it didn't mess up the book some things
didn't matter like we've had
books before where headings weren't there and lots of
times the page numbers you
don't hear them in a book they don't show up when
the book comes up and is
excepted anyhow because of like software or any number of
Because he says he has put
up books that he was
sure he had the page numbers in and stuff and when he has
looked at them or
brought them down none of those things are in
I know you  have to
do a good job that kind of
I have even had a person
who does not volunteer for
bookshare who just reads tell me that all that stuff
distracts from the book and
breaks up the text and it bothers him.
Just thought I'd
Cause some books no matter
what a blind person does
some books are grand but some books  especially these
tiny ones stuff just
doesn't come out and this is about the 4th time
I've gone through this book in
fact got so dilligent on it that ended up putting up a
partial book not sure how
that happened but it did.
I'm ready for some new
books LOL these same 9 books
LOL have been sitting on my table for months and I've
redone them so many times
that wow they are broke *smile*

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