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HI Gwen,
Yes, sometimes knowing where chapter headings should go, and what they
should say can be tricky.  I haven't found a place online to find out this
stuff that works for a blind person.  The feature that allows a person to
look inside a book on Amazon is, unfortunately, not usable by a blind
person, at least, not by me.  I'm pretty sure a geek could do it, but I'm
nowhere near being a geek!
    If you are pretty sure that your chapter headings are things like
"chapter 1" you can figure out where they go, because those pages may have
garbled text at the top that is obviously not the running header of title or
author of the book.  So, they can be inserted by the proofreader, if said
proofreader can determine that a chapter heading is something simple like I
said above.  The rub comes when chapter headings have actual titles, like
little stories.  Then sighted assistance is pretty much what we need.
    As for page numbers not appearing in books, if Bob is looking at books
that he submitted, knowing that page numbers were in the book, and is using
Kurzweil to look at the daisy file, Kurzweil doesn't show bookshare's page
numbers.  It's a Kurzweil problem, a sort of inadequacy on their part, but
if he were to look at the xml file in Internet Explorer, he might well
discover that the page numbers are indeed in the book.
Does any of that answer your questions?  I hope so.  Sorry I don't have a
better solution for looking inside a book.  I'm pretty sure that every
single sighted volunteer here has had to help me out with inserting chapter
headings in books, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of them
and their help! If ever I find a way to find this information by myself,
I'll let you know.
    You know, if your local librarians are willing to help, and the library
has the books you need, and all you need are the pages on which chapter
headings should start, they might be able to make you a list of chapter
headings and their respective starting pages.  Just a thought.


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Is  there a place on line, where you can find out things for a book like the
contents of books that kind of thing
I  know you can wait until you see a sighted person and that is cool but
wondered if there is such a  place where you can find out things the little
things without sighted help.
Also Bob thought he heard once, like if it is a text book or an important
book where things have to be precise but on fiction books if it didn't mess
up the book some things didn't matter like we've had books before where
headings weren't there and lots of times the page numbers you don't hear
them in a book they don't show up when the book comes up and is excepted
anyhow because of like software or any number of things.
Because he says he has put up books that he was sure he had the page numbers
in and stuff and when he has looked at them or brought them down none of
those things are in there.
I know you  have to do a good job that kind of thing
I have even had a person who does not volunteer for bookshare who just reads
tell me that all that stuff distracts from the book and breaks up the text
and it bothers him.
Just thought I'd ask.
Cause some books no matter what a blind person does some books are grand but
some books  especially these tiny ones stuff just doesn't come out and this
is about the 4th time I've gone through this book in fact got so dilligent
on it that ended up putting up a partial book not sure how that happened but
it did.
I'm ready for some new books LOL these same 9 books LOL have been sitting on
my table for months and I've redone them so many times that wow they are
broke *smile*

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