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In google search put

book: "book title"

Note the colon : after book

If google has scanned the book, the first link the search returns should be to the text of the book. Most books still in copyright only give you a partial preview of the book, but almost all of them have the title page, table of contents, and a few pages. Even if there is only a partial preview, you can almost always search for text within the book and it will return a snippet of a few sentences around your search words. And those snippets are now text, not a page image, so they are accessible. For example, there have been cases where a couple words in a book are garbled and I can't think of what they are supposed to be. But, in the sentence before the garble there is an unusual word. So, I find the book in google, search in the book for the unusual word and bingo, there is the snippet with what the garbled text should be.

Of course, google has not scanned all books and some books, especially very recently released ones may not provide links to anything except where to buy them. But, overall, it has been very helpful to me.


gwen tweedy wrote:
Like what pages chapters begin things like that.
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    Amazon lets you look inside books, some books, but not all.
What kind of info are you looking for?

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