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The one thing I do Not do is stripper-proof my books.  I let people who know 
much more about what really works than I handle that.  I do read through the 
texts, too, execept in very rare circumstances.

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  I probably take each book I submit too seriously, because I really care 
  about it's quality.  If I didn't work so hard at making my books as close 
  to perfect as possible I would feel less strongly about them, but I always 
  read and edit, and if necessary rescan, until there are extremely few 
  errors.  I also try to format them so they get through the stripper 

  I like my books to get in the collection quickly when they are easy 
  validations, but I don't get upset about it taking a long time. If the book 
  isn't easy to validate I really don't mind if it takes kind of a long time. 
  If something is non-fiction I know it can completely whare out the 
  validator after some pages, so it is bound to take time.  Since I validate 
  by reading the whole book I understand that it can't be done in only 50 
  cents worth of time., and I appreciate validator's effort.  After all the 
  validator doesn't know if my judgement of the book's quality can be trusted 
  unless they read through the book.

  It's too bad the rating system can't include a checkbox for edited or 
  unedited, and really too bad that dishonesty can't be detected. :-)

  I usually don't worry about validators damaging the book, but if I am 
  worried about it for some reason I leave comments telling the validator 
  what to be ware of, and what they should not try to change and why.

  If I have something very weird that I don't think will benefit from a 
  validator working on it, then I would validate myself
  .  I've only done that twice, and one of those books was a resubmit anyway.

  Sarah Van Oosterwijck
  Assistive Technology Trainer

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  > Dear Volunteers,
  > So far, as a volunteer, my contribution has been validating. With every 
  > book I validate, I learn more, but also have more questions. Today I'm 
  > not asking technical questions. I want to learn more about how those of 
  > you who scan books feel about your submissions.
  > When you take time to scan a book and place it on the step one page, do 
  > you worry how long it will be before someone takes it to validate? Do you 
  > worry if the validator will sit on it forever or make mistakes when 
  > uploading so the book doesn't get approved and you've done all of that 
  > work for nothing?
  > All of the booksbut one that  I've uploaded so far have been approved, 
  > but I feel terrible about the one that got away. It was Echoes, a book 
  > the scanner kindly allowed me to validate. It was over 450 pages long and 
  > I took a ton of hours checking it word by word.
  > I'm more experienced, now, and probably would know how to upload it 
  > correctly. I haven't given up on it yet. Now that I have more confidence 
  > and understanding of the process, I will try again and when I get it 
  > right, the whole world will hear about it.
  > Back to my question. I've sampled, but not kept, some random books from 
  > the step one page.A few have looked so accurate, that I thought I might 
  > be able to validate without a print counterpart. Others are well done, 
  > but contain some puzzles I'm not comfortable trying to correct without a 
  > print book for exact checking.
  > I read books from the collection for pleasure and, while I'm patient with 
  > the ones which have numerous errors or format quirks, the accurate copies 
  > are a joy. My goal is to make the ones I validate a pleasure to read in 
  > as many kinds of formats as possible.
  > As usual, I'm rambling in various directions, but, back to my original 
  > question.  Do any of you scanners have validation or approval anxiety?
  > I uploaded a book today. Wish it luck. Two more are completed, but 
  > uploading makes me a bit nervous because I know if I goof up in that 
  > process, I can put the book's approval at risk.
  > Always With Love,
  > Lissi
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