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see below:

Russ Gorman wrote:
Use washing machine hoses- more reliable.
If you go this "soft route" rather than real pipes just realize that if the hose fails when you are not around, it floods the room unless you turn off the water before the hoses after using darkroom each time.

I really don't see this "soft route" as being a problem in the darkroom. I have had the washing machine hooked up for 16 years in the house we are in now and the hoses have never failed me (valves are always left open) so I don't see why it would fail in the darkroom.


On Dec 28, 2006, at 12:45 PM, Mark Blackwell wrote:

Well as hopefully the house I am about to buy will close tomorrow, the actual sink construction looms closer. Now a couple of thing I had not thought about come to mind. I am going to be tying into the line for the washer so an easy way to do it might be to just put a Y fitting on the end of whats there and run other washing machine hose over to where I need the end to be. Or for that matter even regular garden hoses. It will certainly be easier, but wouldn't be as durable. Still if it gets me out of making holes in dry wall, drilling holes for pipe then fixing the dry wall again, I can live with it. The other thing that came to mind is there likely anything in those hoses, or anything the water might pick up that could cause a problem that wouldn't be there with plumbing pipe. Running pipe is better than ruined prints. I can not see that it would be that big of an issue, but then again I've been wrong many times. TIA Mark

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