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 Hi Lloyd,
 I think the bottom line is quality. Who evaluates quality? Here's a general 
term or answer: Posterity. A crossreference of informed opinion of others over 
time. For example, most museums will look at any photographer's body of work if 
it is presented well. Let's ask ourselves what the curator is looking for. In 
my experience, the first thing is a theme that ties the work together. Second 
he is looking for the idea engendered in the image and how well it is 
expressed. What he dislikes is imitation. He wants an original viewpoint born 
of a worldview. That's the motive force behind the image and its impact on the 
 For example, an artist who was influenced by certain photographs is Edward 
Hopper. His theme was the loneliness and alienation in the 20th century. You 
have only to be on the scene in any city in the US at about 6AM -- or earlier 
-- to get photos very similar to Hopper's paintings.
 Adams saw his landscapes through a red filter over large format B&W film. His 
theme was landforms in their stark design. And the rendition was uncompromising 
in technical quality. 
 Interesting discussion we can't find anywhere else on the Net.
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 Shouldn't we be exchanging packages of our work for the purpose of archiving 
each others' prints, on a 'just in case' basis?
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