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  • Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 11:38:30 -0500

At 07:14 PM 12/26/2006 , Bob wrote:

You get 15 minutes of fame with your birth certificate. That's even too much for me.
Just sign your first rate work and you'll have much, much more than fame. You'll have immortality.


December 28, 2006, from Lloyd Erlick,

I've been thinking about this a lot recently. A side effect of Natalie facing heart surgery...

Just signing the work is not enough. If Ansel Adams had handled his work the way I have mine, there would be no show of his work at the Art Gallery of Ontario right now (which I have seen twice so far, and plan to visit again.)

So what do we have to do? I'm not saying we have to get international recognition and museums ready to store the damn things ...

Multiple storage venues maintained by multiple owners of our prints. That's what we need. If I die without heirs or for that matter, anyone interested in my old blechh non-digital drek, what happens to the work? To the landfill?

We need to spread the prints around to many interested parties.

A mailing list like this one would be an ideal place to find people interested in our work who might keep the prints until at least they are old, when maybe they would go to the next generation.

Shouldn't we be exchanging packages of our work for the purpose of archiving each others' prints, on a 'just in case' basis?

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