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I thought the NTSC cure to green people was VIRS. Gee, whatever happened to all those television sets out there using VIRS? The FCC mandated that if we transmit anything on line 19 of NTSC, it had to be the GCR signal. This displaced the voluntary VIRS that many professional Proc Amps and at least one consumer television set, RCA, used to automatically set chroma phase and amplitude. VIRS got moved to differing lines, and most professional equipment using VIRS could be reprogrammed to find it, but those consumer TV sets were out of luck.

I guess right about the time that the technology got cheap enough to enable something like VIRS, the rest of the technology got stable enough to not require it anymore. Not that GCR was a roaring success, either.


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Bert's view is pretty much correct.  In the 70's Leopold Harwood developed
circuitry that adjusted flesh tones automatically for NTSC receivers.  He
was working in the group developing integrated-circuit TV and FM radio
circuitry at RCA's Somerville, NJ facility.  Jack Avins (inventor of the
dual-triode VTVM and a host of FM detectors) headed up the group, which the Japanese called the Magnificent Seven. The group was the first to put whole subsystems into integrated circuit chips. The count-down FM stereo decoder
was the first IC larger than 10,000 square mils and comprised some 200
bipolar transistors.

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