[opendtv] Re: A Clue re OTA DTV users: How many OTA?

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Hurricane Charlie made clear that the problem with cable distribution is that 
it is vulnerable to numerous parallel failures during catastrophic weather.  
Charlie blew over trees, and the uprooted trees broke the buried cables in 
many, many places.  The heavy equipment brought in to clear away hurricane 
trash sank into the roadside mud and destroyed more cable.  It took Comcast 
weeks to restore service to many of its customers.

It is generally easier to correct a single point of failure.  Of course, 
putting up a new satellite is quite a deal.

Al Limberg 
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  Albert Manfredi wrote:

    Cliff wrote: 

      but the basic nature of television has changed and therefore 
      the old, unaccomodating delivery system should either change 
      as well or be discontinued altogether in favor of cable, satellite 
      or fiber. 

    On the contrary, all the systems you mention are umbillical, meaning that 
not only are you beholden to one monopoly, but also to a single point of 
  You mean transmitters don't fail and towers don't fall? What happens if the 
studio/transmitter link, still sometimes a phone line should experience a 
backhoe fade? 

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