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  • Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 16:00:11 -0500

Allen Le Roy Limberg wrote:

I recall
Doctor Brown saying in passing that phase-line alternation had been
considered by NTSC early on, but was decided against as being unnecessary.

There may be some of the really aged ORCAs around that know more about this.
I was just a Wunderkind at the time and my section of the Industry Service
Lab was chiefly concerned with radio, rather than TV.  Later on I shared the
old TV studio at DSRC with Ray Kell, working on exotic display technologies.


Anyone interested in the history of televison should find a copy of Dr. George H. Brown's autobiographical book:
"and part of which I was -  Recollections of a Research Engineer ".

It covers in great detail the color wars between CBS and RCA, the new TV station freeze due to co-channel
the advent of PAL and SECAM, and most interestingly,
Phase-Alternate-Field color which RCA experimented with as a means of dealing with differential color phase problems.

As a great bonus, the infamous "Blue Banana" episode is explained with complete details!

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