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  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 19:35:16 +0100

Wednesday, June 30, 2004, 4:42:55 PM, Stephen Straker wrote:

SS> All things considered, I think Moore's antipathy to Bush is more
SS> reality-based than the right-wing animosity towards Clinton was.

And the circumstances are tellingly different. There *was* a
right-wing mid-West billionaire who was out to get Clinton, there was
in effect a conspiracy against him.  There was an attempt to get the
Clintons and others re Whitewater, and at least one person went to
jail (wrongly) because of that (because of the Starr Chamber). Etc..

 SS>  I think
SS> also the "people" agree. Clinton went steadily up in the polls (up into
SS> the 60s I think) while the sex-crazed Republicans sought impeachment and
SS> now it seems that Bush is sliding down (40s and below?).

Not, I imagine, because people liked the way he treated Lewinski (I
thought the way other women, who complained, was treated was trashy
too), but because he is a genuinely appealing person whose interest in
people is real (people who've met him, who were not US voters or whose
vote wa already secure, tell me) and because he did not preside over
an impoverishment of the US, as Bush has.

SS> (This reminds me of one of the very best pieces of polemic written in
SS> the last decade -- Gore Vidal on Ken Starr -- which is no longer
SS> available  on-line so I am going to send it as a separate postin just a
SS> minute.

Thank you for posting that, Stephen

did you know the American Family Association have dirty minds?

Gu>The company's fortunes have been transformed since the introduction
Gu>of the provocative and eye-catching fcuk logo in 1997. Beforehand,
Gu>French Con nection had been making profits of £6m a year, but the
Gu>company's performance has improved steadily to reach £39m last
Gu>year, partly fuelled by sales around the world.

GU> The initials had been used previously within the company as an
GU> abbreviation  when sending faxes to the Hong Kong office, but
GU> advertising executive Trevor Beattie seized on it to create the
GU> "fcuk fashion" slogan.


Tg>Across the Atlantic, however, complaints from the American Family
Tg>Association led to a ban on some fcuk branded clothes in US stores.




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