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...he might manage a story with material from page C9 in today's
"Oregonian," wherein the modern and the postmodern share space as follows:

Left side of page, obit column, "Luella Idella Clapp": Lula Idella Woodcock
was born in 1918 in Beloit Kansas.  She had a sister, Riva, and two
brothers, Lawrence and Garold.  She moved to Boring, Oregon in 1945 and
worked as a chicken processor at Bridgeman Poultry for 22 years.  In 1960
she married Robert A. Clapp.  Survivors include her husband, daughters,
Betty Ontoroves, Barbara P. Trisco and Julia P. Maggaret; sons, Jerry,
Kenneth, Thomas and James Payne.

Right side of same page, a story headlined, "New speed limits due July 1 in
school zones."  Noelle Crombie explains that the new law goes as follows:
if the road you are on has a speed limit of 30 mph or less, 20 mph school
zone speeds will be enforced 24 hours per day.  If there is a flashing
sign--Crombie doesn't say whether or not this has to be in operation--the
fine doubles.  On roads where the speed limit is 35 mph or higher, the 20
mph speed limit will be imposed "during specific times.  Signs or flashing
lights will alert motorists when the lower speed limit is in affect."

The Oregon Department of Transportation spokesperson said that, "Drivers
will need to be careful to read the signs."

In these chicken-plucking times, what else is a person to do?

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon 

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