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  • Date: 01 Jul 2004 11:16:26 PDT

Scribe's original charge, was that 'Clinton [had sold] MIRV technology to
China.' He further implied that no one had ever 'cleared [him]' of that charge.
When asked by Andy Amago and me to say exactly what he was referring to, Scribe
responded by posting an article by a Washington Times reporter for the National
Review. (This article did not make a case that Clinton [sic] had sold anything.)

No further support of this charge was offered. Then, as if it were the decisive
evidence supporting the first charge (I tend to read linearly) we were presented
with the Cox report, with the sarcastic comment that it could be found 'online
at the wacko, Rabid Right, marginal Time.com site.' 

The Cox report details China's attempts to acquire (steal) weapons technology
from the US. So, we have the irrefutable proof of Clinton's duplicity: 

China has been trying over the years to acquire advanced technology from the US.
Therefore, Clinton 'sold' the Chinese MIRV 'technology.'


Robert Paul
Reed College
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