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> judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> So why finger Clinton?
> Because running the Motorola deal through the
> Commerce Department was an 
> active effort, not the kind of normal sloppiness
> outlined in the rest of the Cox 
> Report. It took effort to clear the way for the deal
> at all costs, rather than, 
> as did in fact happen under Bush and Reagan, allow
> poor security to let 
> Chinese techno-espionage in. It's the difference
> between being asleep at the 
> switch, and deliberately creating a switch that will
> malfunction.

The Reagan administration was actively selling arms to
Iraq, and later also to Iran. The profits from the
sales to Iran were subsequently secretly used to
support the "contras" in Nicaragua. This is what
Irangate was about, and it was not a case of 'being
asleep at the switch.'

I don't really know if the US has been selling weapons
technology to China, but I wouldn't be too surprized
if it did. Besides the money made from sales, there is
also the noble goal of stirring regional conflicts -
arming both China and Taiwan (the latter being
suposably the US ally, but actually the weapons
supplies appear to have fallen short of the best and
the latest technology) is only too similar to the case
of Iraq and Iran. It hasn't worked quite the same way
so far, but it might.


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