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My children, at least, are over-exposed.  Considering that my husband and I 
have frequent, passionate discussions re. religion and politics both.  I have 
taken my kiddos to many Jewish services and festivals, to a couple of local 
Protestant churches, and they have attended Church with friends of several 
denominations.  I plan to take them to a Catholic Mass soon.  I was raised in a 
conservative religious environment which was as close to brainwashing as 
indoctrination comes.  I want to make my children aware of the variety of 
there are so that they can make informed choices, can discover for themselves, 
what they believe.  Jim tells me I'm confusing them.  I did not want to 
choose their belief system for them.  Considering that after 9/11 Jim and I 
both been obsessed with ME stuff, the News, CNN, reading books on the ME, and 
discuss it passionately, also, and that neither one of us hide our political 
thoughts and that Bronnie listens very, very carefully and asks me astute 
questions about our conversations, she's over-exposed to current events.  I 
know that you can shelter kids from current events these days.  I don't know if 
would want to, were I able.  Bronnie has a best friend whose Mother is a 
staunch far right-wing Republican.  As the best friend asserts that she adores 
Bush, Bronnie does get a small dose of the other perspective <g>.  We had a 
fairly lengthy discussion of the issues of legislating morality (i.e. abortion, 
pot) the other day.  She now has a good understanding of some of the 
and is considering what she thinks about the issues.  That's a good sign.
Julie Krueger

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004, 7:54:34 PM, Paul Stone wrote:

PS> Besides, shouldn't politics be sort of like religion -- you should save
PS> exposure and wait until the child is old enough to think for himself?

Of course children are exposed to religion and there seems no way of
stopping that!  So, best discuss their exposure to politics, perhaps.
But there's no way of stopping that either really, so the question is
how to handle the inevitable exposure.

PS> Exposing a kid to Michael Moore would not, in my estimation, be any fairer
PS> than encouraging him/her to listen to Limbaugh.

But these are extremes.  The massive "Centre" is something the child
will meet anyway as "taken for granted" politics.  That's worrying

Best regards,
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