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More reading for Robert Paul to scoff at:


quoting the Regnery Gateway review, noting that although Gertz is a 
conservative bully, his evidence offers evidence of Clintonian malfeasance:

Gertz's proof, an extensive collection of classified documents and personal 
interviews with key individuals in the Department of Energy and elsewhere, 
indicates that China has successfully appropriated U.S. nuclear secrets that 
allowed China to build a version of the W-88, a small U.S. nuclear warhead that 
be used to turn single-warhead ballistic missiles into much more dangerous 
delivery vehicles with multiple independent re-entry vehicles (MIRV) 
While the theft of the W-88 technology took place during the Reagan 
Administration, the author argues that the collection efforts to correct 
problems Chinese scientists encountered have been ongoing. Piling the theft 
of the W-88 onto Clinton's plate is disingenuous and adds to the reader's 
awareness that Gertz has a broader, "conservative" agenda, but his contention 
the Administration is aware of ongoing collection efforts seems irrefutable. 

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