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> I have never been able to understand this.  Is there any coherent
> explanation??

There are very large sums of money to be made by selling  armaments to 
currently "friendly" countries that may later become our enemies. Iraq 
is an excellent example. As, for example, is Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Clarke's _Against All Enemies_ and Unger's _House of Bush, House of 
Saud_ document several instances.

While it doesn't involve countries per se, one particularly disturbing 
example was the sale of Stinger missiles and other bits of nastiness to 
Mujaheddin (including Osama Bin Laden) who were fighting the USSR in 
Afghanistan. Besides the economic benefits to arms suppliers, there was 
the national security interest articulated by Zbignew Brezinski, "We'll 
give the USSR, its own Vietnam!"  As Clarke notes, however, sales 
continued uninterrupted for quite a while after the USSR accepted 
defeat and withdrew. Once the floodgates were open, they were hard to 
close again.



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