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  • From: Stephen Straker <straker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:01:54 -0700

I said (re: Hitchens on the golf scene in "F-911"): 

>> Hitchens is making this up. Neither Eisenhower nor Clinton ever did
>> anything like this. (BTW - Some of us will recall that Kennedy, who
>> enjoyed golf, refused to be photographed with a golf club lest he appear to
>> be, like Eisenhower, too unengaged and lackadaisical.)

"scribe 1865" ... proper name, please! ... refers us to: 
> http://www.golfinnyc.com/golfing_presidents.htm
where we find out that 
> ", golf has made its mark on the most powerful office in the world. 
> ... at least 15 U.S. presidents teed it up in their day.
> ....Eisenhower had the first putting green built at the White House.
> Bill Clinton was probably the most photographed golfing president...

Indeed. But what is pure make-belief is Hitchens's idea that Eisenhower
and Clinton, like Bush, used golf to show off their manhood. They were
leisurely gentleman golfers, unwinding. Ever in his script, Bush is a
NASCAR golfer. 

Stephen Straker 

Vancouver, B.C.

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