[lit-ideas] Re: Hitchens on Moore's flick

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  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 19:20:11 +0100

Friday, July 2, 2004, 5:00:27 AM, Scribe1865@xxxxxxx wrote:

Sac> In a message dated 7/1/2004 1:39:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Sac> judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Sac> So why finger Clinton?

Sac> Because running the Motorola deal through the Commerce Department

it's a pity you didn't raise this first rather than sticking to your
"selling secrets" story.

Sac> was an
Sac> active effort, not the kind of normal sloppiness outlined in the rest of 
the Cox
Sac> Report. It took effort to clear the way for the deal at all costs, rather 
Sac> as did in fact happen under Bush and Reagan, allow poor security to let
Sac> Chinese techno-espionage in. It's the difference between being asleep at 
Sac> switch, and deliberately creating a switch that will malfunction.

Nice sounding analogy, doesn't work...

Back to Clinton and China: the world moves on, Eric. Relations between
countries change not only because leaders change, but because
circumstances do.  Congress was split then -- at the time you mean --
over China (and probably still is...) and the conservative Republicans
held your kind of view (I need to look at Congressional majorities but
I think I know what the answer has to be)

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