[openbeos] Re: New website home page mockup

  • From: "Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki)" <koki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 06:47:51 -0700

Waldemar Kornewald wrote:

On 8/28/06, Axel Dörfler <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"Waldemar Kornewald" <wkornew@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> * are forum updates that important? if at all, this should be "gray"
> like the sidebar on new site

I'm not really a friend of those grayed out sections - IMO they look
too much like the "disabled" look in BeOS and elsewhere. Maybe a
smaller font size would be enough to keep the attraction on the content
that matters?

Well, you're right. There is a parallel between the color and being "inactive". My primary concern is that there is too much information on the front page and the most important content should get more visual attention, somehow. I'm dead serious. It's too much! I've seen many people (including myself ;) ignore the whole front page of a website because it was too overloaded. Jorge, please have another look.

There is a lot of information in the website, and we wanted to expose as much activity as possible, did we not? This layout accomplishes that goal. :-)

However, if we had to eliminate anything to create more white space, I would choose the forums entries.

Additionally, there are ways to make a page look less crowded, such as using a slightly smaller font size, a lighter font color, and an increased line spacing; this would have the visual effect of creating more white space, and make the whole page look lighter. It would allow you to expose the same amount of information without feeling crowded.

On the matter of "the most important content should get more attention" (sic), the content on the upper half of the page has a stronger focus (closer to the top of the page, slightly bigger fonts for titles, visual aides), and this space will be used for the things that need to be emphasized at any given point of time. What we put into this area will change over time, depending on stage of development, ongoing events, etc.

Was there any specific content that you feel is more important than the rest and is not getting the right amount of attention? If so, please be specific.



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