[openbeos] Re: New website home page mockup

  • From: Petter Holt Juliussen <post@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 21:53:02 +0200

Gavin James wrote:

I also did a proposal mockup on a system I could write, but since we have agreed on
sticking to Drupal, I'll stop further development, and try to continue on the theme /
help out with creating that start page if thats something we're going for. I wan't to
post my proposal anyway, since I think it has some nice ideas for the Drupal theme:
http://drupal.bug-nordic.org/haiku-os.org/proposal/index.php (Check out
community, corporate and development as well there). Hope it looks well in your browsers,
it does in my Firefox! ;)

It looks GREAT, I *REALLY* like it!

With regards to a home-grown system though I would say it just simply isn't worth the effort. From experience with beunited.org it is an ENORMOUS undertaking and it's just far too easy to fall into the trap of not doing things properly and just getting things working, which makes for a completely unmaintainable system.

There is so much to take into consideration with a content management system it would be impossible for us in our small team to develop a solution to fit all needs (our needs today may not necessarily be our needs tomorrow). Drupal may not be perfect but it is a proven solution that has stood the test of many a website. It also has a large, avid community of users and developers which we can exploit to our advantage, while of course giving back what we can.

As it happens we won't even need to apply a hack for creating different sections (i.e. Community) as I originally thought. There is a Module, (Sections) designed for that very thing (applying different templates to different sections of a Drupal site).
I did get somewhat the same answer from Waldemar, and I think you both misunderstood my intentions.
In my opinion, we don't need a full blown CMS - so I, without taking up other peoples resources on this,
wouldn't to write just that. I think we could write a CMS (I shouldn't be calling it that - but that is what
it is) perfectly tailored for our needs. While you manage Drupal on your own by enabling general plugins
and creating pages from the admin panel, would my system have those things written unified and after
our needs. I'm not saying that Drupal is crap, and I'm not saying I will rewrite Drupal to something better,
- or something better at all for that matter - but I'm trying to say we (me) could write something smaller,
with all the features *we* need, now and in the future. We should probably stop this discussion now,
and focus on Drupal as our system. My proposal site is something we could do (and add to of course -
thats just the design idea), but maybe I'm underestimating what the Haiku site needs.

Best Regards,
Petter H. Juliussen

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