[openbeos] Re: New website home page mockup

  • From: "Waldemar Kornewald" <wkornew@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 20:48:14 +0200

Hi everyone,
first of all, don't be afraid, the new theme which I uploaded doesn't
mean that Petter won the contest. It's just ready for use and better
than what we had. :)
Thanks for you work, Petter! If you want to continue, please download
the CSS from the server because I modified it a little bit.

Jorge, I've installed the "epublish" plugin which should allow for
making those newsletters you wanted to have (by grouping multiple
articles into a newsletter). Please play with it (in admin->epublish
section). I haven't had the time to try it, but I saw that someone was
doing something like a magazine with it.

On 8/28/06, Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki) <koki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

At the URL below there is a conceptual mockup of the home page for the
new website.


I hope his will help visualize what I think would be the best way to
expose the sheer amount and types of information that we will have on
our website; this would also reflect that focus that we want to have on
developers for now.

Let me know if you have any comments/questions.

I love those little icons. They make the site look much more exciting. :)

I hope that you don't misunderstand the following. I hate to
constantly disagree... :(

The website looks good, but you have a lot of information on the front
page. As a visitor I would be scared by all the information and just
start searching for links in the navbar. I mean, it takes a lot more
than two seconds to quickly scan the front page.

The first intro sentence is very long and IMHO complicated (I had to
read it twice before I understood...but I'm tired :). I like the note
about our status, though. I've added it to the new website.

IMHO, the user should only see most important information on the front
page. If you overload the front page it gets completely ignored. If
you have "unimportant" information then it should attract less
attention (grayed-out, for example). In other words:

* remove "documentation updates"

* are forum updates that important? if at all, this should be "gray"
like the sidebar on new site

* the intro should be much more concise and it should not have this
long and complicated sentence ("made up of volunteers that share the
common goal"...is that important?)

* maybe you should not split "Development" into "Resources" and
"Community". just remove the "Browse code repository" and IRC (we
don't really coordinate development over IRC)

* IMHO, there is not enough focus on "dynamic" information like "news"
(you moved them to the bottom of the page). There should be a better
compromise between information for "first-time visitors" (needs intro)
and "regular visitors" (needs updates/news)

I always wondered which psychological effect the link "Report Bug"
has. Is it "cool, they want to fix all bugs" or "oh, they are so
buggy?". I guess users don't think so much about it...

Maybe you could create a less overloaded mockup with different levels
of "visual attraction" for different levels of content importance?
Just a suggestion. :)

Waldemar Kornewald

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