[guide.chat] To Senn

  • From: "clare moulds" <clare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Guide Chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 20:49:17 +0100

Good evening Senn, oh, I'm so happy you told me about the aero icecream too. I 
can't wait to try it now. Glad you had other icecreams too but the only one I 
have had so far is the Mars so I have loads to try. Glad you had that all 
important medicine those chocolate pancakes so yummy just my thing I can't wait 
till you find out what they called. I'm glad you had a good day and you did 
tapes. Our weather is the same as yours but it was worse yesterday that wind is 
a pain for sure I don't like it. I'm so lucky I don't have that far to walk to 
my blind clubs and dance. I get door to door service how lucky is that? I hope 
your hi fi will be fixed and won't have to be retired haha. Well have a good 
day tomorrow. I'm ready for a much needed chill out the next few days after 
such a hectic but lovely time. Love Clare xxxx

Good evening Clare,
oh I' glad I told you about the aero ice cream, hope you can get some.
I have had the aero, mars, twix, and galaxy ones and they are nice.
I haven't tried the bounty though.  Oh forgot, had the snicker one too.
Glad you enjoyed the pie from Greg's and have had your choc fix, had mine with 
my coffee this morning, it was chocolate filled pancake, really must find out 
what they are called. smiles.
I'm glad you enjoyed the blind club as usual, that's good.
Will let you know if the Hi fi gets fixed or if it ends up retired. smiles.
Done two tapes to friends this afternoon, will post them when I next go out.
Its windy and cold here but dry.
Yesterday was bad, it kept raining and it was very windy, not nice at all! 
That's it for now.
Have a nice evening.

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