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  • From: Matthew Xavier Mora <mxmora@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 11:04:55 -0800

At 10:35 AM -0500 2/12/03, RonKuper@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

   b.2 Future work: recommend protocol for networked
       communication (several good ones emerging, the
       design + implementation of which are orthogonal
       to our issues, i believe)

I would hope we can keep this in our minds at the start as I think it can have huge repercussions on the standard. I am planning on submitting a "Remote DSP over FireWire" proposal to the 1394ta group some time soon. The first pass maybe limited to AVC (61883-*) streams but I see no reason why non AVC plugins couldn't be remote either (ie Photoshop plugins).

Anyway, I think you should think about these things when designing this standard:

1) The DSP code may not be running on the same thread, CPU, hardware, or even operating system.

2) Endian issues. Some architectures favor little endian and other favor big endian. Pick one or deal with both.

3) Use MIDI whenever possible. MIDI data can already be incorporated with audio streams over FireWire which means we won't have to invent another protocol to send parameter changes. Plus existing hardware will be able to manipulate your GUI. Also don't think MIDI speed is a limiting factor. "MIDI over alternate transports" already takes into account send MIDI data at higher than 1.0 speeds.

4) GUI separate from processing. If your GUI-to-processing interface uses MIDI internally then it is no problem sending the commands over a transport to control your processing.

5) Downloading the processing code to a remote DSP server/Hardware box for execution.

6) Synchronization. Absolute-sample counter or SMPTE?


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