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  • From: David Olofson <david@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:01:36 +0100

On Thursday 13 February 2003 18.04, RonKuper@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Cool.  I like the idea of moving threading (11) right after host
> interface (4), though I'm not so sure about persistence and GUI. 
> In particular, I think a discussion about persistence should come
> after we discuss parameter representation, since it's like that
> parameter values will be among the things that get persisted.
> Similarly, I think a discussion of GUI might need to happen after
> we talk about signal routing and persistence, if we are talking
> about the GUI as a kind of "parameter setter" and "preset loader."

Yeah, you're right. Both persistence and GUI sort of depend on the 
parameter interface (which could be built on top of, or be part of 
the control interface), so both should probably be discussed after 
the control/parameter stuff.

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