[gmpi] Re: Item 0: Agenda

  • From: David Olofson <david@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:51:58 +0100

On Thursday 13 February 2003 13.37, Laurent de Soras [Ohm Force] 
> Maybe we should discuss item 2 (plug-in flavours) before
> item 1 (x-platform) ? Thus we can define more easily what
> platforms will or won't be supported.
> Also, I think it may be pretinent to discuss Item 8
> (threading) right after Item 3 (host interface)

Yes. In fact,we should probably think about sorting the whole list, to 
keep related things together, and have things in dependency order, as 
far as possible. I'd think there are circular dependencies - as 
always with these things - but there's no reason to make it worse...

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