[directmusic] Re: Allright, now I'm REALLY stumped

  • From: "Scott Morgan" <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 11:19:29 -0600

James the rule isn't absolute though.  I did it with out P-channel 95 and it
worked.  Isn't that weird!?

-Scott Morgan

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> This is a bug in DirectMusic.  You do need to add all the intermediate
> PChannels to the audiopath to make it work.  Basically, downloading
> instruments to a performance with a default audiopath that has "holes"
> in its PChannel assignments may not work correctly (it depends on the
> size of the "holes" and the total number of PChannels assigned in the
> audiopath).  You need to fill in all the "holes" to make the downloads
> always work right (this includes holes that start at PChannel 1).  The
> reason it worked for me was because I added the instrument to the band
> at PChannel 13 (which wasn't used in the main segment).  If I had added
> it to PChannel 33 or higher, it would not have worked.
> -james
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> From: Saul Bottcher [mailto:saul.bottcher@xxxxxxxxxxxx]=20
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> Subject: [directmusic] Re: Allright, now I'm REALLY stumped
> > When I loaded
> > Bjorn's project into DirectMusic Producer, I got a bunch of errors=20
> > about not being able to find the "DLS calmwave" DLS Collection.
>     Same here (I looked for "calmwave" but it didn't seem to be part of
> the project)... if it brings up a dialog in Producer, could it not cause
> problems elsewhere?
>     Also, the solution of adding PChannels seems strange if adding 14-94
> worked (i.e. when there was still a gap at 95).  Could there be
> something more to this?  Perhaps adding the PChannels causes some
> side-effect elsewhere, and its the side-effect that's actually solving
> the problem, not the PChannel addition directly?
>     Saul.

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