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From a debugging perspective, there's a way to help identify the source
of lost sounds. Run with the DirectMusic debug bits and turn on debug

Set the debug level to 1, which means only errors will be displayed, so
you don't get a lot of junk too. 

To set the debug level, either open the DirectX control panel and go to
the DirectMusic tab and drag the debug level. Or, open win.ini and go to
the [debug] section and set 

That should set the debug level for all components that manage the
playback of instruments.

Hope this helps,


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I've been racking my brains trying to think where I've seen something
like this somewhere before and I just figured it out...

When I was working on POW I found that some of my motifs weren't playing
when they were supposed to. It was all related to bands and audiopaths.
To cut a long story short I never found out WHY it was happening but I
did find out how to stop it happening. Incidentally, the solution
actually solved another performance related problem on the Xbox as well,
and seems generally much more elegant and efficient.

So, looking at your project I think it might be worth you trying this:

1) Your band "Summer" seems to be the same for all the primary segments,
with extra instruments added for the jingles. Try adding those
instruments into your "Summer" band

2) Remove the band tracks from ALL of your segments

3) Create a segment containing just the new band and a script track
calling PlayLevel1 immediately after it.

Now you can start your music by playing the new segment which sets the
band and starts the first segment. The band settings never need to
change after that. Hopefully this will work - it did for me and it also
saves you having to update every segment each time you change something
in your band...

Good luck,

PS: sounds good by the way, your transitions are really smooth ;)

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Okay, so I did as Saul and Ciaran suggested, copied the individual GM
instruments that I wanted to use (3 of them) into my project as custom
instruments, and made the "jingle" bands point to these new custom
instruments instead. But now these instruments STILL do not play outside

What gives? Now that these GM instruments have been turned into custom
instruments, I *really* cannot see any difference between the jingle
instruments that do play, and those that don't.

I'm so stumped, I've zipped up my project and put it here:

http://www.lynnemusic.com/temp/cts3b.zip (only about 1.7 mb including
project files *and* runtime files).

Can somebody have a look at it for me? As I've said, the problem is that
some instruments used in the jingles do not play outside DMProducer,
although they do play inside DMProducer. These are the instruments that
*were* GM instruments but have now been changed to use custom
instruments (really copies of the GM instruments).

I'll be scratching my head over this one for a while....

Thanks for any help. And please don't use my music for anything - keep
it to yourselves, this is a work in progress. :-)

- Bjorn

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