[opendtv] Re: Democrats Air Concerns About Analog Switchover

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John Willkie wrote:

Gee, have you ever investigated why? Ever done an earth profile graph for each tx sites?

Here we go again. Done all that, and you helped. So did a few others on this list. Remember?

What kind of antennae do you use? Gain? Amplifier? Do you have two antennae? How many miles are you from each city?

House is 430 ft above mean sea level.
7 ft parabolic UHF antenna 28 feet in the air, fwd gain 17 dB, mast mounted preamp, 40 ft of RG-11 coax. 37 miles from Philly, 52 from Baltimore, in almost a direct line. Get better [but by no means perfect] reception from Baltimore than from Philly. Hill 2 miles away between me and Philly. Reception is never "perfect" for very long. Pictures freeze, usually when a touchdown occurs.

Is your area very hilly or mountainous, or are you located deep in a valley?

NO, NO and NO.

Gary didn't speak of all situations, and your case is probably a rare one.

Doubtful. See other comments about reception in his apartment made over the last few years by Mark Schubin.

Also, you must have problems parsing words. Gary said one either got the signal very well, or not at all. That would seem to comport well with your situation. Sometimes you get it well (no snow) and sometimes you don't get it. How is he wrong on that point?

I meant exactly what I said. There is just NO "very well or not at all". It is absolutely NOT a logical one or a logical zero situation. It does not work that way, has never worked that way, will never work that way.

It is never "perfect" for more than a few minutes. Pictures stop, freeze, breakup, audio stops, signal is lost completely, then returns after the touchdown. just in time for the commercials. This is worse on some channels than others, but happens on all of them. Worse during bad weather.

No, it's not the antenna, the coax or the preamp. I've hooked up two different set tops and watched on different channels to see if the signals drop out at the same moment and they do not.

The problem is an ill-conceived, worse than NTSC replacement system for over the air broadcasting. If the pictures look fantastic for a few moments but then dropout, it's still crap.

And, this is assuming that you are using a single antenna and you don't get the Philly stations while pointing to Balmer, and don't get Balmer when pointing towards Philly.

See comments above. I live in almost a direct line between Philadelphia and Baltimore.

John Willkie


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Gary Hughes wrote:

Not so. It is mostly an all or nothing effect. If you get the picture it

comes in beautifully. Where I live, about 35 miles NW of Boston, I do

not get a watchable picture on any analog UHF channel, but I get all the

Boston area DTV signals with an antenna in the attic.

And comparing the OTA picture to the same service carried on cable (and

transcoded down to 15mbit/sec), the OTA picture quality is noticeably



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Again this is just plain wrong. No one can make a blanket statement like this.

Come out to my house with any set top and any antenna you like,
and try to prove it's all or nothing.

You will have double the chances here too because I get both the Baltimore and Philly
digital stations, all of them some of the time.

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