[opendtv] Re: Democrats Air Concerns About Analog Switchover

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John Willkie wrote:

What are commenting upon? I certainly didn't say anything to the contrary, and why wouldn't you expect that there would be more over the air channels than on cable?

The implication of your statement
"$179.00 plus tax. That won't pay for 5 months of cable."
is that what you get for $179 is better than what you get for that amonut of money on cable.

Last time I checked, I could only get about two dozen channels over the air (analog) and about 70 on cable. I can get about a dozen dtv signals, but only 7 on DIGITAL cable. Of course, I could add digital cable and HDTV and premium channels, and I would get more on cable than over the air: up to 22. For about $100 a month. Versus free over the air.

On cable in the Philadelphia region there are 19 HD channels alone, as well as more than 40 digital SD channels and .2, .3 and .4 channels.

Here's something that might have escaped you: cable shares ether only with cable services. DTV shares ether with everything, including analog.

By the way, there will be more DTV over the air channels after the end of analog. Count on it.

John Willkie

You will never see HBO, Starz!HD, UHD, ESPNHD, ESPN2HD, DHD, TNTHD, CSNPHHD, MAXHD, or SHOWHD over the air.
You will get them on cable or satellite only.
Book it.


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John Willkie wrote:

"the money" to add the ability to tune in HDTV broadcasts (but not

render them as HDTV) on analog sets is right now $179.00 plus tax.   That

won't pay for 5 months of cable.

Nor will you receive but a few of the HD programs with your OTA setup that are carried on cable.

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