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Until 1777 Western Man had to make do without taboos.  Then Captain Cook 
brought us back this exact word to tag what you and I must not do.  I'd think 
God, or someone of that ilk, would have supplied vocabulary earlier, what with 
prohibition being among his favorite things.  I'm sure he did; there's kosher 
and non-kosher, for example.  Which brings me to owls.  My wife's cousin's 
daughter had a new baby this week.  The poor wee thing is not allowed to wear 
the Scandinavian, one hundred percent cotton, lovely-to-the-touch outfits we 
bought.  This is on account of the owl.  Apparently God does not permit owls on 
baby clothes.  A man in a wide-brimmed black hat says so, and he's got God's 
ear.  So there you go, the taboo'd owl.  If that were the name of a pub, I'd 
drink there.

On talking with other experienced cave dwellers:

In choosing a cave builder, search for someone who lives in a cave him or 
herself. Look at their previous work--Pepe, for one, will be glad to tour you 
around Guadix looking at cave homes he has built or renovated to get ideas. He 
or she should have advice on finishes, ideas about room numbers and size, soil 
type, layout, and ease of excavation, and be able to give a definite price 
range and timetable for your project. Ask for references, and talk with other 
experienced cave dwellers.


David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon  

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