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  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 11:16:17 -0800

hymn number seven hundred and twenty one

bung up bung up for creepers
and catch their windings slow
bung up bung up till nethers
for aught were naught to go
fear not the slaughter bloody
twot sup his big big nose
and cheep of evening splendors
returns with dust of snow

verse two
sing ho diddle diddle

bung up bung up for creepers
and count your guardians slow
bung up bung up for ever
drive home with flag and pole
no moscow door will see us
or fires at camp contain
with rising song at dawn we
sow seed upon the plain

The Ants, but Not the Newts, Go For a Swim

Tis a forest where we live, so we have that set of natural laws, but there are also human rules for domestic spaces, which is to say rules for interior living and for surfaces that are interior to that interior. In our garden we have big firs, three feet across the base. Poisonous salamanders live in the ground below. They require just a little caution when planting stuff. You just handle them with gloves. Carpenter ants roam surfaces, seeking out rot. They get everyone's attention, with their big black bodies and wandering ways. The university extension program leaflet on this subject counsels not panicking when you see carpenter ants indoors; they may be only scouts looking for a water source. I caught one or more in the dishwasher the other night and since it's not bob-a-job week, I'm afraid I closed the door and just pressed start. He or she or they found plenty of water.

David Ritchie,
not swallowing (see ref below) in
Portland, Oregon


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