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On 21-Feb-10, at 8:16 PM, David Ritchie wrote:

David Ritchie,
not swallowing (see ref below) in
Portland, Oregon


,,, from which I quote:

"However, as dangerous as they are, newts still retain a unique appeal for naturalist and hobbyist alike, a feeling best summed up by one who has studied Tarichas for a while: 'They are one of my favorites,' said Lynn Havsall, former director of the Camp Long Nature Center in Seattle. 'So beautiful. You just don't want to kiss them.' "

Cf. Gussie Fink-Nottle's wish that he and the current object of his amorous devotions were newts in one (or possibly several) of P.G: Wodehouse's entertaining and instructive Jeeves stories. Fink-Nottle goes on in one passage to describe the correct behaviour a male newt would undertake in order to signal his interest to a female.

Perhaps a list member who is a more avid fan has the entire collection at hand and can give us the name(s) of the relevant story (stories) and volume (volumes).

Perhaps an even more avid fan can quote 'chapter and verse' from memory ...

Chris Bruce,
who has no feelings either way towards newts and salamanders,
but remains an avid Wodehouse fan, in
Kiel, Germany

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