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On Jul 25, 2010, at 2:55 PM, carol kirschenbaum wrote:

Ditto. I miss Daniel Schorr already. He died much too soon.

Was Sullivan the cat born in New Zealand, or is this line dependent on some rudimentary knowledge of soccer that I don't possess?

The only unbeaten team in the World Cup this year were the folk from New Zealand. Since that country's rugby team is called the "All Blacks," they turned up for the first World Cup ever to be held on the African continent with a team called the "All Whites." I saw no reporting on how this name went over in South Africa.

Many thanks, Mike. I'm saving your "Later Life Ruminations" and "Back to Basics" for when I'm next in the right state of mind to read poetry which, for me at least, is a different state from writing.

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whose team won the tennis tournament lamented in "The Blues"
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