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David Ritchie wrote

Tis a forest where we live, so we have that set of natural laws, but there are also human rules for domestic spaces, which is to say rules for interior living and for surfaces that are interior to that interior. In our garden we have big firs, three feet across the base. Poisonous salamanders live in the ground below. They require just a little caution when planting stuff. You just handle them with gloves.


I grew up in Western Oregon, in the days when towns stopped at the town line and there were no suburbs to speak of and no urban sprawl. Housing 'developments'(and developers) were unknown, so there were fields and pastures and running brooks just a short bike ride away.

We saw plenty of newts (valuable for their eyes) and salamanders (who could tell the difference?) near stream banks and boggy places. Oddly, our parents never said a warning word about handling these toxic creatures, nor were there dead cats lying about with salamander tails protruding from their unknowing mouths.

I'm glad to hear that there are still a few salamanders (or newts) around the Ritchie place. Maybe someday a Western Meadowlark will
settle there.


Robert Paul

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