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  • Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 10:15:28 -0700

Hurricane Katrina was, says one German minister, America's own fault.

The political fallout over Katrina has started.

Looting is out of control. Hospitals are evacuated, but not protected against looters. Bush, passing over New Orleans at 25,000 feet, looked out of his window from his comfy first-class seating. Accusations and "i-told-you-so" are piling up over failure to improve the levies, unenforced environmental regulations at the refineries and chemical plants (and thus the massive toxic brew in the flood waters), siphoning off of funds from US projects to Iraq, crony jobs in FEMA, lack of preparation, lack of organization, and so on.

A major American city has been destroyed. We've had "Homeland Security" now for three years, precisely to handle such an event, and here's their first test. How have they done so far?

And worst of all, check out NOAA.com. We're only beginning the hurricane season. "NOAA expects an additional 11 to 14 tropical storms from August through November, with seven to nine becoming hurricanes, including three to five major hurricanes."



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