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On 2005/08/31, at 12:17, Andy Amago wrote:

I think now is an appropriate time to ask Marlena what the religious folks
think about this. The reds are convinced God smote the heathens with the
tsunami. Well, what's the explanation for destroying the biggest port in
this country, sixth in the world? It's going to cost staggering amounts of
money, money we don't have, to rebuild that area, not to mention the damage
to the oil industry and the effect that higher oil prices will have. All
that contaminated water could spread disease too. Humans can choose evil,
but nobody chose this except God. Well, Marlena, what's the deal? What's
God up to? Reds not praying hard enough or what?

The Lord said to Cyrus the Persian, "Shall the clay say to the potter, what makest thou? Let the potsherd of the earth speak to the potsherd of the earth."

(From the second Isaiah―a memory over forty years old, so I won't vouch for word-for-word accuracy.)

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