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Yes!  Marlena has affirmed that we still have democracy in this country, it's 
okay to act like Americans.  Thanks, Marlena, big hug to you (I count on you 
because you have your finger on the pulse of the red states).  I promise to put 
down those books about Stalin.  But, those ice caps *are* melting ...

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Oh, come on Andreas. 

I thought Bush was on vacation or giving speeches at fundraisers--you  know, 
the things he prefers to do instead of actually paying attention to the 
country's problems?  Maybe wehn they had this briefing he was just getting 
*ready* to go?

So, what I mean is-don't you, when you are about to go on vacation just not 
deal with issues?  Isn't that what you have a staff for?

And, besides. We know that Bush depends an awful lot on the boys in the back 
room...and doesn't like to worry his pretty little head about problems our 
nation faces!  We've all heard that those boys inthe back room hate to 
interrupt him when he's on (yet another) vacation!

wishing I could vacation as much as Bush has and does,
Marlena in Missouri

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To: lit-ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Bush and the top government officials KNEW what 
was going to happen. And they let it happen. And they were fully aware of the 
disaster in New Orleans, as they were saying "we didn't know" "nobody told us" 
on TV. And they didn't raise a finger for nearly a week. And then afterwards, 
they blamed everyone else and covered up. 
Okay, Eric and Lawrence, spring to the defense of Bush. 
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