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Le 1 sept. 05, à 10:15, Andreas Ramos a écrit :

Hurricane Katrina was, says one German minister, America's own fault.

The political fallout over Katrina has started.

Looting is out of control. Hospitals are evacuated, but not protected against looters. Bush, passing over New Orleans at 25,000 feet, looked out of his window from his comfy first-class seating. Accusations and "i-told-you-so" are piling up over failure to improve the levies, unenforced environmental regulations at the refineries and chemical plants (and thus the massive toxic brew in the flood waters), siphoning off of funds from US projects to Iraq, crony jobs in FEMA, lack of preparation, lack of organization, and so on.

M.C. Having watched the coverage on the major TV news networks, I note that while there have been lots of complaints about the slowness of response to and help for the victims, nobody seems to have considered the impact of the fact that 40,000 National Guardsmen - some 3500 of them from Mississipi alone - are currently making Iraq safe for Haliburton, instead of being back home where they could help their fellow citizens. Some of the 100,000 or so regular army troops, not to mention their equipment, might have come in handy in New Orleans as well.

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