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I, too, will take a stab at this.   I don't recall Andy  questioning what God 
was up to when the Tsunami hit Asia......but  nonetheless.....I don't know if 
you recall, Andy, but in the tsunami there was a  village on a remote island 
which we westerners would call "primitive" --  thoroughly non-industrialized.  
No phones, computers, radios,  tv.....   The knowledge of the ways of the sea 
had been taught  generation after generation, wisdom about their earth-home 
passed down for  centuries.  When the sea gasped and the tide went out for 
miles, the elder  of the village knew from the passed-down wisdoms what the sea 
would do next, and  he called for all the villagers to run for high ground.  
When the walls of  water came in, the villagers were safe.  No one was lost.
Just something to think about.
Julie Krueger

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I think now is an appropriate time to ask Marlena  what the religious folks
think about this.  The reds are convinced God  smote the heathens with the
tsunami.  Well, what's the explanation for  destroying the biggest port in
this country, sixth in the world?  It's  going to cost staggering amounts of
money, money we don't have, to rebuild  that area, not to mention the damage
to the oil industry and the effect that  higher oil prices will have.  All
that contaminated water could spread  disease too.  Humans can choose evil,
but nobody chose this except  God.  Well, Marlena, what's the deal?  What's
God up to?  Reds  not praying hard enough or what?

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> Julie  wrote:
> > <<60,000 people in the  Superdome>>
> > How did it get to be that many?   Yesterday they were reporting roughly 
> > 10,000.....  I heard  NPR say they were going to have to evacuate the 
> > superdome -- how  in the world do you evacuate even 10,000 people?!  And 
> > to  where??
> The latest figure I heard (I'm half-listening to CNN  right now) is 
> 20,000, with more making their way to what's the only  remaining shelter 
> in New Orleans. It was 90Â (32Â C) today in New  Orleans. It's hotter 
> inside the Dome. No toilets. No electricity. There  is no drinking water 
> in the city, none.
> Eighty-percent  of New Orleans is under water. Some areas are not yet 
> accessible even  to rescue craft. The mayor would like all 800,000 
> residents to evacuate  the city, although as Julie says, where would they 
> go, and how would  they get there? In any case, those who did leave won't 
> be able to  return for a very long time.
> Flood water is not like water from  your bathtub only deeper: it's filled 
> with human waste, dead animals,  trees, mud, logs, boards, plastic 
> containers, gasoline, diesel fuel,  toxic chemicals, germsâand in this 
> case, poisonous snakes. The city's  pumps, which were designed to remove 
> accumulations of rainwater, etc.,  don't work, of course, and if they're 
> ever functional again they won't  be able to cope with such a mass of
> They're unable, as  of now, to repair the breached levies, and the water 
> is still  rising.
> On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there is equally terrible  destruction.
> Many deaths.
> Robert Paul
> Reed  College
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