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Well, Marlena, what's the deal?  What's
God up to?  Reds not praying hard enough or what?

Dear Andy,
What do you think?  In YOUR belief system, what caused the disaster to happen?

Let me know and I'll tell you a little bit of what the MANY differences of 
opinions for some of this are...

But, why don't you let ME know, for a change, why something like this happens?

A.A. The disaster happened because a hurricane hit the coastline.   That's what 
I believe.

There are so very many points of view in life--do you recognize that?  Do you 
recognize that there are many many sects even within Christianity (and other 
belief systems)?

A.A.  It makes no difference, since they all revolve around God is good.  God 
loves us best.  Pray to God.  Trust in God.  God shuts doors and opens windows. 
 Did I miss any?

Sometimes I am not clear as to whether or not you are aware of that--sometimes 
it seems that you lump everyone together (esp if they happen to live in a 'red' 

A.A. Aware of what?  That superstition is king in most of this country?  Tell 
me something I don't know.  As I recall you're the one who told me something 
along the lines that life is still worth living even if one doesn't believe in 
God.   Your God, Marlena, he dropped the ball again.  I was just wondering if 
you noticed.  

Andy Amago

Thinking about the at-least-one-of-Our-Listmates who lives in (I think) 
Mississippi and thinking it is time for a Roll Call--even for the Lurkers,
Marlena in Missouri

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