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to be honest, unless you are using a device such as a mobile phone or another 
device with a limited browser, I can really see no reason whatsoever for using 
the Accessible version of the site when the standard version is just as 
accessible if not more so.  It is useful to be able to move by frame as the 
current list of products is generally in the frame called Contents Right frame 
I think.  Being able to move by headings is also useful as this can take you 
through the parts of the description of a product and it should also be an 
alternative way of getting to the current list of products to choose from.

I've not used Tesco for a little while so I am assuming it has not changed 
within the last 3 months.


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  I'm replying to all the messages re my question about Tesco.com.

  When you enter 0 into the quantity box the problem is that sometimes it is 
not recognised as a valid quantity. Like David said, this happens on a random 
basis and might work today and not tomorrow or yesterday. If it were my 
Internet settings as the man on the Tesco support line suggested, then it would 
not happen randomly but all the time.

  They are of course willing to amend your order for you by phone, but given 
the amount of time I had to wait for an answer on the line and having them go 
through your order, It would end up costing more than paying someone to do your 
shopping for you!

  All credit to Tesco for having this accessible version of their shop, but 
they really need to work out what the issue is as it's happening with lots of 
blind users and it's a real pain.

  Last night I went to the non-accessible version of the sight and found my way 
into my shopping basket. I worked out by trial and error the following.

  Below the quantity for each item there is a + sign. If you left mouse click 
on the + it increases the quantity by 1. If you left mouse click on the space 
directly before the + symbol then the quantity is decreased by 1. There is a 
button below the + which begins with a / and you need to click on this / symbol 
after you amend the quantity of each item. It takes a bit of fiddling about, 
but as a last resort it does work.

  Hope this helps someone out there.

  Thanks for all the replies, glad to hear I'm not the only one.


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