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  • Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 09:27:41 +0100

Hi Barbara,

I am a regular user of the Tesco site and have experienced this problem. In 
fact I've spent several long phone calls to the support line correcting orders 
after this problem occurred!  It seems to happen with no apparent pattern, 
usually disappearing by the time I try again.



p.s. I checked this morning and it works fine.

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  Does anyone use Tesco.com to do grocery shopping and if so have they 
encountered the following problem while using their Access site?:

  Once you have added a quantity to your basket and then view your basket, if 
you then change that quantity and Enter on Update Basket, the next page shows a 
"Validation Error" And says that the new quantity is not a valid amount. This 
only happens sometimes but of course when it does you're stuck! If anyone has 
overcome this problem or if it is a site problem rather than something to do 
with JAWS, could they let me know.

  I'm using JAWS 9 and it happens when using both IE and Firefox.


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