[GeoStL] Re: An actual geocaching topic...what do you think about the frisbee rule?

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That's right. I personally talked with Vic (who was the acting recreation 
manager at the time) in '05 about it and he was all excited about having caches 
in their parks. He was also glad when the new caches popped up in Mini Ha Ha 
along the Meramec river.

And about 2 years ago Gerald (park supt. I think) had been talking with Vic 
about geocaching and asked me to give a short talk to his chapter of the 
Optimist Club or Chamber of Commerce, I can't remember which. 

So maybe they forgot about caches in the parks or there are other people in 
charge now.
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the frisbee rule?

  I don't know which Sunset Hills guy you were talking to, but I have discussed 
geocaching with Vic and another guy (forgot his name), and I know that RGS has 
discussed geocaching with them too.



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  Our scoutmaster is personal friends with the guy that runs the Sunset Hills 
parks. I took the troop on some hikes that included geocaching. I mentioned the 
geocaching course at Whitecliff, and the scoutmaster immediately thought that 
such a project would be a good Eagle project for my son when the time comes, 
and he asked the parks manager if he wanted to do that. He liked the idea as 
well. The scoutmaster relayed that to me, and when I told him that there were 
already several caches in the park, and a course like the one in the Crestwood 
park would probably not be possible because of the density of caches already in 
the park, he of course relayed that back to the park manager. He said he didn't 
know anything at all about there being caches in his parks.

  Now, when that happens, I can imagine a lot of different reactions. One of 
them COULD be the feeling of being "violated". Someone doing something in MY 
park without my permission. Another is fear of insurance and legal issues. If 
either of those thoughts come first, the first reaction is going to be anger, 
and might result in the immediate removal of caches and a negative attitude 
about any further caching from others seeking permissions since geocachers are 
now associated with the notion that they are irresponsible and inconsiderate of 
the park management.

  I agree that geocaching in itself should be a harmful enough activity that 
permission should hardly be required, but there are those circumstances where 
the cache hider just doesn't know what the park manager knows, and mutual 
cooperation is probably a nicer more effective road to travel for all involved. 
Courtesy goes a long way. It is so sad that in today's society it seems to be 
considered an artifact of a bygone era.

  Michael Rogers wrote: 

  Personally, I think it's one of the best unofficial "rules" out there. If 
anyone has ever dealt with government on any level, they know how much of a 
pain it can be. Personally, I feel that it's pointless to go asking permission 
to use a park as any other person would when they would never have to ask 
permission to use it themselves. Granted, many municipalities have policies in 
regards to geocaching and they should and must be followed, but for those areas 
that don't? Cache away I say...


  What say you?

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