[GeoStL] Re: An actual geocaching topic...what do you think about the frisbee rule?

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We agree on something.  Gasp!  I live in Columbia, Illinois.  It's under
10,000 population and the police are very suspicious of people they don't
know.  If they saw a string of people looking in a place where they don't
belong, they will stop and ask them.  I try to make a point of letting them
know where the caches are so the cachers aren't stopped and questioned.  

A couple of weeks ago, I was hunting a cache out in the rural areas of
Monroe County.  I was hunting a cache that was along a guard rail in the
middle of nowhere.  A gentleman on a 4 wheeler stopped and asked me what I
was doing.  Since I wasn't doing anything illegal, I explained Geocaching to
him and what I was looking for.  I found out that he owned the property just
across the ditch from where the guardrail was and knew most everyone along
the road.  I didn't belong there and he wanted to make sure I wasn't doing
something wrong.  He said the police had found a mobile "Meth" lab not too
far from where I was looking.  He also explained that people had been
'dumping' trash all along the area for months now and he ended up having to
clean it up.  Once I explained what I was doing, and that the caches
wouldn't be going across the ditch and messing stuff up, he was fine with
it.  He just wanted to know.  

It never hurts to have permission and to make sure that the proper people
know what's going on.  In this world of suspicious actions, having
permission is better than getting forgiveness.



On 11/04/2008 2:54:30 PM, tnands (sydstyr@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote: 
> Oh yeah .. THIS certainly sounds like a safe topic ... NOT! 
> No frisbee rule. I 
> don't want people tromping through my neighborhood park just because they
think they are entitled. There are several caches in North County parks
where you must walk right by the signs that say, "This park is for the
residents of THIS CITY and you must have a THIS CITY ID ready to prove you
are a resident."

> When we cache in a new town (which is really the only kind of caching we
do now) we feel you have "invited" us there to show us something special by
placing a  geocache. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the
right to invite us.

> If geocaching were an underground adventure in which part of the thrill is
knowing you are circumventing the law and getting away with something then
frisbee away -- otherwise, I think placers owe finders the most basic
respect in making sure they aren't

> encouraging something detrimental to the finder or the environment. 
> Nancy 
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