[GeoStL] Re: An actual geocaching topic...what do you think about the frisbee rule?

  • From: Mike Lusicic <lusicic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2008 11:15:13 -0600

- I KNOW no response is needed, but it does bring up a good point. I mentioned courtesy, and the ranger/manager should exercise that as well. Just as an editorial, I have always HATED the "MY" stuff. My pictures, My103.3, MyYahoo. When did we stop being an OUR? Why does everything have to by about "MY" stuff? I am glad we still have some patriots that think in terms of WE, US and OUR.

Anyway, when rangers and managers take "ownership" of the responsibility, sometimes they confuse it with property ownership. Sure I like to have managers that have a personal interest in seeing the park or area succeed and SERVE the people, not become a monument to THEIR individual ideas. But just like with kids, we can get over protective. Ever had to tell a parent to let the boy do his own stuff in scouting? Same thing with overprotective and over possessive managers. Sometimes they need someone to tell them to back off and get things back in perspective. But just like scout parents, you can explain it all to them, they can acknowledge that they understand, but that doesn't mean things will change.

Oh well.

Michael Griffin wrote:
The one thing I don't agree with is...
"Now, when that happens, I can imagine a lot of different reactions. One of them COULD be the feeling of being "violated". Someone doing something in MY park without my permission."
I don't want to get too technical but, in reality, it is our park. Our tax dollars. Too many times the ranger or superintendant forget that being the steward does not award ownership. When they have this mentality, it is time for them to go. They might manage it but they still need to listen to the public majority. 
I know it was not the point and no response is needed. I just ran into someone the other day that called the park I was at "HIS" park and he was very unreasonable about several things. I think I pay part of his salary. 

Mike Griffin

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