[GeoStL] Re: An actual geocaching topic...what do you think about the frisbee rule?

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Oh yeah ..  THIS certainly sounds like a safe topic ... NOT!  

No frisbee rule. I don't want people tromping through my neighborhood park just 
because they think they are entitled. There are several caches in North County 
parks where you must walk right by the signs that say, "This park is for the 
residents of THIS CITY and you must have a THIS CITY ID ready to prove you are 
a resident." 

When we cache in a new town (which is really the only kind of caching we do 
now) we feel you have "invited"  us there  to show us something special by 
placing a  geocache. It is your responsibility to make sure  you have the right 
to invite us.   

If geocaching were an underground adventure in which part of the thrill is 
knowing you are circumventing the law and getting away with something then 
frisbee away -- otherwise, I think placers owe finders the most basic respect 
in making sure they aren't encouraging something detrimental to the finder or 
the environment.   


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  Personally, I think it's one of the best unofficial "rules" out there. If 
anyone has ever dealt with government on any level, they know how much of a 
pain it can be. Personally, I feel that it's pointless to go asking permission 
to use a park as any other person would when they would never have to ask 
permission to use it themselves. Granted, many municipalities have policies in 
regards to geocaching and they should and must be followed, but for those areas 
that don't? Cache away I say...

  What say you?

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