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  • Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 18:15:30 +0000

Here is a list of all the modifications made since the last release of 
Chaoscope :

New features
  - Subpixel precision for parameter sliders
  - Search for attractor can be stopped (Shift + F3)
  - Variable search randomness (from 1% to 100%)
  - User can choose which parameters will be randomized during attractor 
  - Lorenz-84 equation was added
  - IFS Parameters are now transformations rather than matrix coefficients
  - User can set number of IFS matrices (from 2 to 8)
  - User can set order of Polynomial Sprott equation (from 2 to 5)
  - Speed and angle gradients can be modified by loading FractINT .map 
files (double-click on gradient)

Bug fixes
  - "Load..." menu item is now disabled until a project is created
  - Property palette combo box buttons were allocating a bitmap object 
on every drawing request
  - Property separator wasn't redrawn when the property had the focus
  - Enumerated properties (using a combo box control) were crashing 
application on quitting
  - Property list custom bevel style was corrupting scroll bar refreshing
  - Scale property wasn't updated when the view was adjusted (F6)
  - Maximised MDI window vertical position was incorrect on Windows XP
  - Parameters are no longer truncated at the sixth decimal
  - The Icon Degree parameter wasn't loaded when using the French interface
  - IFS random walk was different from one render to another, causing 
the preview to be jerky when the sliders were used
  - Status bar is cleared when attractor or the rendering mode is changed
  - AM/PM indicator was removed from the "time left" counter (time 
format global setting was used)
  - Solid mode rendering shadows weren't projected correctly
  - Attractors of dimension 0 (single point) were triggering a SING 
error during search
  - View wasn't cleared when no attractor was found after a while

  - Property palette combo box buttons are not hand-drawn anymore
  - Image data transfer memory allocation was optimised
  - About box with link to the website
  - Adjusting and centering is now followed by a quick render

What's currently being worked on :

  - Inverse Julia quaternion equation has been implemented, it now needs 
to be optimised to avoid redundant orbit calculation

What's left to do before the release of version 0.2 :
  - Implementation of a file parser for the parameters ; users won't 
have to check the attractor type and set it accordingly before loading 
new parameters
  - Right-click-and-drag mouse zoom for those who haven't got a mouse wheel
  - Rendered image copy to clipboard
  - English interface update
  - Interface language dialog box when the program is launched for the 
first time (no registry editing nonsense anymore!)
  - Web site manual update and its integration to the download archive
  - Gallery update including the creation of user galleries

Hopefully, the version 0.2 should be released before the end of March 2004.

If you have found a bug which isn't listed yet, please send a message to 
this mailing-list and it will be fixed if necessary. Features list is 
pretty much closed now until the release of version 0.2, so if you want 
Chaoscope to integrate speech synthesis or an interface skin SDK, I'm 
afraid it will have to wait for a little while. However, if you feel 
your request won't involve too much development time and save you and 
other users a lot of hassle, feel free to post it here.

Chaoscope is developed on C++ Builder 4.0 under Windows 2000 
Professional, French edition. Before it is published, I'd like dedicated 
users to help me test the final beta under different Windows versions to 
ensure it's fully compatible with all of them and that the English 
resources are loaded correctly when requested. Therefore, if you are 
running Windows in English (US, British, Canadian, etc.) or the 
following versions in any language, contact me at the email address 
given on the web site and I'll send you the final beta binaries :

  - Windows 95A (you will need to install Microsoft OpenGL DLLs if they 
weren't installed along with your graphic card drivers)
  - Windows 95B (OSR2)
  - Windows 98
  - Windows ME
  - Windows NT 4.0
  - Windows XP

What will be implemented in version 0.3

  - Full project load/save
  - Color properties (for Gas and Liquid mode)
  - Image and window resizing once the project is opened

Nicolas Desprez

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